Lúcida Camera Strap We start a new adventure

Lucida camera straps correas cámaras fotograficas bienvenidos

Lucida Camera Strap is a small project that arises from the passion for photography, the old cameras and the design of classic and functional craftsmanship..

Fruit of the union of these elements and a great dose of illusion Lucid Camera Strap belts are born, designed to last, as if it were objects from another era , and accompany you In all those adventures worthy of photographing.

To reach this maximum, I have used totally handmade manufacturing processes , using high quality raw materials and faithful to the tradition , that are able to provide a timeless product with The to establish a link .


“Genaro González, is one of those people who keep alive that romanticism of the traditional works, where the quality of the product leaves of the daily effort, having that To compete at present with mechanized processes that do not offer such a suitable product finish. “

In itself, this leather is already a authentic work of craftsmanship , so as soon as I saw it, I knew that working it in the right way, could transform it into belts and quality accessories  in the style of the objects of classic design that inspired the origin of Lucida.

In short, first you get the photograph , then gradually you are also interested in the cameras, you start collect them , use them, break them:), repairs, you happen to end up doing leather straps and accessories for them Your friends see them, want them and without realizing it, one day you have a lot of tools to work with leather and a raw material that hooks , and that make Lucida Camera Strap taking shape.


Lucida camera straps correas wellcome

cheers¡ WELCOME¡ : D

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