Camera Strap Shop

Camera Strap Shop Lúcida Leather Camera Straps Handmade in Spain. We love photography and her ability of convert an instant into an object that contains all the essence of that lived instant. The tradition handmade in Spain inspired by photography.

Vegetable tanned leather

We use full grain and vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned is made with tannins from bark trees like mimosa, avoiding use of chromo in all his phases.
Vegetable tanning is the most ancient method of tanning and nowadays still the one that is more environmentally friendly because it uses only vegetable products.
This process provides us a high quality and dong lasting finish and it gets that natural beautiful patina with daily use and sun light. traditional from the best classic leather.

100% handcrafted processes

Leather is treated in a small tannery of León (Spain) with one hundred years of history.
Leather is treated by the last artisan tanner following the processes and tanned secrets of his ancestors. those who opened the tannery in 1887. Handmade leather strap store